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Soho Real Estate is a full service company specializing in properties located in New York City’s fashionable Soho district. We are a team of the best real estate agents with expanded knowledge of Soho’s unique real estate market. We specialize in guiding our clients to the best properties along the stone paved streets of Soho, one of the most sought after areas in Lower Manhattan.

Our real estate agents work closely with you during the entire process to give you an unforgettable buying experience. Our services include understanding your requirements, locating the perfect site, negotiating and signing the lease, and working through the architectural planning and relocation.

Performance Based Agreement

Soho Real Estate’s business is not defined by exclusive broker / tenant contracts. We take our clients behind the velvet rope to view the best properties in Soho. We pride ourselves with our ability to completely fulfill our client’s needs from start to finish. If you allow us the opportunity to identify and understand your requirements and the time needed to locate the perfect space, you can judge for yourself the efficiency, dedication and expertise of our brokers. There’s no guessing or missed opportunities when our team is on your side. Working with Soho Real Estate will give you the edge you need to secure the best space to suit your needs.

Continuing Partnership

Soho Real Estate is available as your on-site consultant for all of your spatial needs. We have the keys to unlocking spaces that exceed your expectations. Among our services, we offer:

- Finding a new centrally located commercial space for your Soho office.

- Renewing lease and rent negotiations.

- Acquiring commercial space for expansion and construction within your current site.

- Locating warehouse offices and back office spaces at your convenience.

- Analysis and consulting on your current lease as well as answering any real estate questions and resolving any concerns.

Soho Real Estate's Philosophy

Contentment – Our broker's are expert researchers who seek the ideal space that meets your complete satisfaction. We believe in open communication and keeping the conversation going about your needs, ideas and growing business and lifestyle.

Commitment – We are dedicated to negotiating and acquiring the best possible lease terms. Including securing concessions for services, building construction allowances and free rent as well as other services.

Confidentiality – All personal and business information is kept private and confidential. Our team is comprised of experts who put your best interest first.

Buying brokers

Soho Real Estate Residential is recognized as one the top producing buyer's brokers in the industry. We are known for our encyclopedic knowledge of the residential market in Soho and across the industry. Our ability to effectively negotiate and understand property value has been a unique benefit for our buyers, leading to successful and profitable transactions on individually crafted terms curated by the client.

We are the advocates for our buyers, keeping their objectives, wants, needs and desires in focus so that we can consistently deliver to their satisfaction, at no cost to our buyers.

Let Us Eliminate Frustration By Saving You Time & Money

We have access to and will preview all apartments. No more wasted Sundays at disappointing open houses with no prospects.

Soho Real Estate will work as your partner to search and identify the ideal property. We will search each and every listing service to insure nothing is missed.

We will work hard to help you prepare and submit all personal and financial information to Co-op Boards, mortgage applications, due diligence inspections, and legal information.

Our research is second to none - we will save you hours of time and effort so you can avoid searching internet databases and chasing empty referrals.

At Soho Real Estate, we represent primarily buyers and we completely serve their needs and cater only to their desires. We work only for our buyers; our fiduciary responsibility is only to our buyers.

We co-broker every available property we service in Manhattan, catering only our buyer's needs. There is no cost to you for our exceptional service...we simply share the transaction costs with the listing broker who is paid by the seller.



 Soho Real Estate provides real estate brokerage and consulting services for corporate and nonprofit organizations as well as real estate development services. Your real estate transaction will:  • meet or exceed your strategic goals  • provide economic value  • be handled efficiently  Let us demonstrate why our hands-on analytical approach will result in a successful space search, lease negotiation or development.