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  • 5,000 SQFT
  • Lease Term 2 - 10 Years
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Soho Commercial Loft On Broadway

NYC, New York, SoHo, 10003

This available 5,000 SF. commercial space can be broken down to 2,000 SF.; if taken as a whole then this listing encompasses a half floor of office space. Today being a singular unit the space enjoys a direct presence off the elevator onto the space itself which is partitioned in glass & aluminum from the rest of the office and features a reception desk and room for guest seating. Marble installed in earth hue travertine tones have been implemented in the entry design to great effect; a nice option for those who are image and or brand conscious. Accent pendant lighting helps to round out the office entry area while the glass offers an added layer of security during off / peak business hours.

The loft herein otherwise consists of a large open area that runs along the building's front (overlooking the main entrance / avenue below); this open space wraps around the entry and gives the whole office an L-shaped floor plan. This open work plan extends to one side of the office while at the opposite side stands two private corner offices (as see in the photos) that contains operable windows overlooking much SoHo with the benefit of unencumbered views. This later portion of the office features high exposed beamed ceilings which is accentuated by addition of duct work all of which is illuminated by suspender fluorescent lighting.

The property in which this space can be found within a Class B commercial building found on Broadway. This 11 story mason-brick midrise building enjoys a corner potion on the block it is situated upon; with the property being slighting taller than its surround neighbors • supporting sweeping views • as seen in the pre-view photos. This building has in recent time hosted a number of start-ups and tech dotcom enterprises. The lobby, common areas, and elevators are clean and well maintained; building access is provided by keycard access but it otherwise manned by a security guard in the lobby. This area of SoHo lends itself well to lunch excursions (such names as Dos Caminos, Sadelle's, Cuppin Room Cafe come to mind) and after hour activities • as many gastronomic options and cultural franchises abound.

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Available Sizes:
• 5,000 SF (Whole Space)
• 2,000 SF (Partial Space)

Key Features:
• 5000 SF. Loft Office (can accommodate up to a staff of 20 to 30)
• Divisible Space > 2000 SF can be leased
• Open Work Area (with windows throughout)
• Corner Private Windowed Office
• Conference Room
• Beautiful Tiled Floor in Reception Area
• Reception Glass Installation
• Guest Seating
• High Exposed Beamed 14' Ceilings
• Exposed Ductwork
• Mixed Accent Lighting
• Pantry & Bathroom on Floor
• Premium Views of SoHo area
• Central A/C and Heat
• Dual Elevator Access
• Cleaning Included

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space photo
building photo
building photo
building photo
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Building at Broadway

About the Building

599-601 Broadway
172-176 Mercer Street, 1 West Houston Street

599 Broadway stands as an 11 story-tall commercial high-rise building located in Manhattan’s Soho district.

The property was constructed between 1916 to 1917; an interesting period in NYC history – when The 1916 Zoning Resolution was enacted in New York City – making this the first citywide zoning code in the United States.

Today this commercial property offers a bit of the old New York distinctive style while blending in new upgrades in order to maintain the era look while boasting all the expected functions and amenities that a building in the 21st century has to offer.

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